Gustaf's Freeway Fruitgummies & Licorice

August 28, 2014

NEW Gustaf's Sweet Allsorts

January 17, 2014

Bulk Sweet Allsorts #44020 Weight: 4 x 6.6 LBS

6.3 Ounce Bag-Coming Soon!

This pretty mix has been a British icon since the 1920’s.  Some say it started with the Raj of India.  (It’s good to be  Raj) A pleasing jumble of striped squares, little rolls and sugar coated jellies. 



NEW Licorice Ice 5.2 OZ Bag

January 17, 2014

NEW Gustaf’s Licorice Ice®  #31973

Gustaf’s Licorice Ice–originally called schoolkrijt–was invented back in the sixties by a small candy factory in Amsterdam. Enjoy the refreshing peppermint as it melts into mild licorice on through to the soft sweet center of each piece. So refined is our recipe, you will be pleasantly surprised by the delicate bite and unique flavor balance in every bit of Gustaf’s Licorice Ice.

Gerrits Chocolates

March 25, 2013


Fort Knox Medallions

March 25, 2013

NEW for 2012 Gumbilees #51200

October 22, 2012

NEW for 2012 Gumbilees #51200

We would like to introduce you to a long time British institution and favorite, Gumbilees Wine Gums. Before you try these be forewarned: although no wine is actually used in our recipe Gumbilees are indeed addictive! Lingering subtle fruit flavors will turn you into a Master Sommelier of Gumbilees. Can you believe these were a temperance minister’s creation to switch folks from alcohol to sweets? Now if you find yourself eating an entire bag at one sitting or hiding them from your children, remember we did try to warn you.

NEW for 2012 Tid Bitz #51600

October 22, 2012


Tid Bitz are made in Holland by our original factory that has been in operation since 1876. How did Tid Bitz come to be? Thankfully, our chef made a batch of traditional licorice that was not quite right. Rather than toss it, he tasted it! Soft, chewy Tid Bitz were born.

Broadway Laces 2012

October 22, 2012

Fort Knox Bars

April 16, 2012


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